Pilates and Coffee

Are you looking for movement in a fun and safe environment? How about doing things differently than exercising at home or in a gym? That’s what Pilates and Coffee is all about.  When you walk in the door at Artisan Culture, it’s a welcoming and inviting space instantly. The sunlight streams in through the stainedContinue reading “Pilates and Coffee”

Pilates after Walking: 10 Minute Videos

There are many options for Pilates after walking! These videos are specifically for you and all you need is ten minutes! Walking and running are great forms of exercise and some of the reasons why I love them include low cost, stress relief, and fun! The thing with running and walking is it is aContinue reading “Pilates after Walking: 10 Minute Videos”

How to Tone Your Arms

There are many exercises to build strength and tone your arms! And don’t worry if you struggle with push-ups, the answer is not to do 30 push-ups a day. There are a variety of ways to tone your arms and I’ve included multiple videos to show you how. I started doing Pilates consistently (4 timesContinue reading “How to Tone Your Arms”

Isn’t Pilates hard and intense?

The other day I was having a conversation with someone new and they asked what I do. I said I teach Pilates, strength building exercises for your whole body. And he said, ‘wow, Pilates, isn’t that really hard and intense?’ Honestly, it’s not but I can understand how you get that impression. Pilates uses equipmentContinue reading “Isn’t Pilates hard and intense?”

Relax, Recharge, and Energize

I’ve always had a hard time relaxing. My mind thinks I should be doing something. The trouble with ‘should’ is it’s an expectation. But we need to check with ourselves and ask if that’s the truth. The more opportunities you give yourself a chance to relax, the more you can recharge.  When our bodies stayContinue reading “Relax, Recharge, and Energize”

The Story of Mind and Body

The mind and body are one. They work together as a whole instead of separate beings. It’s easy to think of them apart rather than together. When you connect the mind and the body you truly begin to feel. The feeling of not apologizing. The feeling of how unique you truly are.  Our bodies tellContinue reading “The Story of Mind and Body”

Getaway to the Outdoors

Like you and everyone else, we stayed inside our home for months when COVID became a pandemic. We love to travel! When we plan our vacations we choose a place we’ve never been. The United States have so many options, let alone our new state of Texas. Mike came across The Getaway House on instagramContinue reading “Getaway to the Outdoors”

Tips for Your Roll Up

The roll up is an exercise that sometimes can feel as smooth as melted butter and other days can feel like a rocky road. The days where it feels complicated are frustrating. When I started Pilates I had days where I felt the same. The question on my mind was, ‘why did it feel soContinue reading “Tips for Your Roll Up”

Make Time for You with these 5 Steps

When the world shut down last March due to COVID-19 some of us gained extra time and others felt our time slip away. Has your work-life balance become non-existent due to working from home? It’s hard to stop working while working from home. And you lost your commute to and from work. You’re home oftenContinue reading “Make Time for You with these 5 Steps”

How to Be Confident with Your Body

Our bodies go through so many changes: surgery, weight loss and weight gain, pregnancies, amputations, etc. This can take a toll on your inner confidence. How do you continue to feel like yourself when your outer shell changes? Do you find yourself hating a scar or area of your body? Do you pretend it doesn’t exist?Continue reading “How to Be Confident with Your Body”