Knitting: where and how to start?

When starting something new like knitting, you experience a rollercoaster of emotions. At first, you are scared and maybe intimidated.  The question “Will I like it?” and “Will I be good at it?” comes to mind. As you start to knit, there are screams of excitement, gruntled facial expressions, and finally a time to pauseContinue reading “Knitting: where and how to start?”

Why I love the coffee shop atmosphere

Before I began teaching Pilates full time, working in a coffee shop was one of my favorite jobs. I loved seeing people, making drinks, learning about coffee, and of course drinking it!  I loved making conversation with people. Whether it was talking about their day, something exciting, or seeing a regular. Coffee brings happy memoriesContinue reading “Why I love the coffee shop atmosphere”

Which props are good for stretching & Pilates?

There are many props for stretching and ones specifically for Pilates. You may not know where to start or how to use them. This post includes my favorite props to use for stretching, relieving tension, challenging myself during Pilates, and making exercises easier. All of the props included are affordable and I’ve included links forContinue reading “Which props are good for stretching & Pilates?”

3 Tips for Your Pilates Practice

There are many questions you might have for your Pilates practice. And it’s natural to have questions. This blog post will help you understand things a little better for your practice and mindset. And if you still have questions after reading, put them in the comments! You make it look so easy, why do IContinue reading “3 Tips for Your Pilates Practice”

Local Coffee Shops to Visit

I love to travel and when I do I seek out the local coffee shops. What I love about them is the atmosphere, friendly staff, and good coffee. I look for the opportunity to slow down and enjoy coffee with Mike or alone. The locals always have good recommendations for what to do and whereContinue reading “Local Coffee Shops to Visit”

Pilates and Coffee

Are you looking for movement in a fun and safe environment? How about doing things differently than exercising at home or in a gym? That’s what Pilates and Coffee is all about.  When you walk in the door at Artisan Culture, it’s a welcoming and inviting space instantly. The sunlight streams in through the stainedContinue reading “Pilates and Coffee”

Pilates after Walking: 10 Minute Videos

There are many options for Pilates after walking! These videos are specifically for you and all you need is ten minutes! I love going on walks. The fresh air, moving my body, listening to music or a podcast are my reasons for walking. It feels good to get out of the house even for aContinue reading “Pilates after Walking: 10 Minute Videos”

How to Tone Your Arms

There are many exercises to build strength and tone your arms! And don’t worry if you struggle with push-ups, the answer is not to do 30 push-ups a day. There are a variety of ways to tone your arms and I’ve included multiple videos to show you how. I started doing Pilates consistently (4 timesContinue reading “How to Tone Your Arms”

Isn’t Pilates hard and intense?

The other day I was having a conversation with someone new and they asked what I do. I said I teach Pilates, strength building exercises for your whole body. And he said, ‘wow, Pilates, isn’t that really hard and intense?’ Honestly, it’s not but I can understand how you get that impression. Pilates uses equipmentContinue reading “Isn’t Pilates hard and intense?”

Relax, Recharge, and Energize

I’ve always had a hard time relaxing. My mind thinks I should be doing something. The trouble with ‘should’ is it’s an expectation. But we need to check with ourselves and ask if that’s the truth. The more opportunities you give yourself a chance to relax, the more you can recharge.  When our bodies stayContinue reading “Relax, Recharge, and Energize”