Where can I take a Pilates class?

When it comes to taking your first Pilates class you might find yourself wondering how to start. And there are many options! Since COVID we’ve become even more creative. Here are some options and things to consider for each one.

Local Pilates studio

Going to a local Pilates studio is one of my favorites. You’re going to do Pilates and that is what they offer. 

When going to a studio they will have the Pilates apparatus meaning reformers, chairs, towers, and sometimes more! The equipment can look intimidating at first but it’s more like a jungle gym. 

As you learn you’ll find it’s a lot of fun. The instructor will guide you and keep you safe. All you have to do is show up!

At a studio you can choose to do classes or privates. Classes can range from 4 to 12 people depending on the studio. A class will be more fast paced than a private session typically.

Taking a private session focuses on your individual needs and goals. And if you have a hard time keeping up with a class, privates are a great place to start. 

You can join me for a class or private at Core Mobility Fitness. Your first class is free!

where can I take a pilates class?

Fitness club/gym/YMCA

Another option is a class offered at your local fitness club, YMCA, or gym (ex: Crossfit). Typically a mat class is offered and sometimes you might find a reformer class at a fitness club. 

Convenience is certainly a factor here. If you’re already a member of one of these, a Pilates class is usually included in the membership. 

These classes can have a different style than at a studio. They are incorporating movements specifically for gym members. So it might feel different than a class at a Pilates studio. 

And that’s ok! It’s all about what makes you comfortable and happy.

Home Studio

Many instructors have a home studio with Pilates equipment. Some have the same as a studio or a few things. My home studio has a reformer, chair, mat, and small barrel. 

Coming to a home studio is a different environment than a commercial space or gym. For some, it’s more relaxing and less distracting. 

When the space is warm and inviting it will help you feel calm. Your body will move easily. 

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where can I take a pilates class

Online Classes & Videos

Another great option is to take a Pilates classes online. These can be live classes or recorded ones. 

When I first started Pilates I did a Mari Winsor workout. It was on demand through my cable service. I also remember wondering if I was doing it correctly. 

If it’s a recorded class you’re on your own. The important thing is to make sure you feel no pain.

If you feel pain stop and see if you can adjust. Otherwise skip that movement and go to the next one.

During a live online class you’re not watching me do all of the movements. Which is different from a recorded video.

Instead I’m watching and guiding you. I’m there to help if you do feel pain and offer adjustments. 

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Pilates outside has become even more popular with COVID over the past two years. When studios and gyms were closed and the weather was nice, we took our workouts outside. We could socially distance ourselves while enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

After moving to Texas I knew I wanted to teach a class outside. And I found the perfect option at a local coffee shop. 

You can find fun collaborations for outdoor Pilates classes. I’ve seen Pilates & Prosecco, Pilates & Pinot, Pints & Pilates, and my personal favorite Pilates & Coffee.

Pilates & Coffee takes a break in the summer here in Texas. The heat and humidity is just too much. I host it in the Spring and Fall outside. 

After class we have coffee together and connect. You’ll leave feeling energized, taller, and ready to enjoy your day. Make sure you sign up for updates for Pilates & Coffee! 

Pilates and Coffee

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