Pilates Gift Guide

This Pilates gift guide is for you if you’re starting Pilates at home. It’s easy to start, all you need is a mat and some space! But what if you’re wanting more than that? 

Have you been asked what you would like for Christmas and don’t know the answer? Here are some gift ideas!

First there are a couple of accessories that make great gifts for Pilates.

Those include the Magic Circle, Sandbag, Franklin orange and/or green balls.

Pilates gifts

The magic circle is a great prop to use when stretching. You can also use it during Pilates to add a challenge. It’s very versatile and when used standing helps improve balance!

A sandbag is helpful during your roll up. The weight at your ankles helps you easily roll up. I often recommend it to my clients who I teach online. If I were in there in person I’d be able to hold their ankles. 

And the Franklin balls are great for massaging your fascia. Your body is covered in fascia and over time can get very tight. Think of it as a web covering your muscles and bones and tendons. 

These balls are soft and filled with air unlike tennis balls, golf balls, and foam rollers. The latter can be very tough to roll on and uncomfortable. 

Use these balls instead and it feels like a nicer massage (most of the time). If you tend to have foot pain, the green balls will be best. 

Speaking of fascia, the jade roller is a must have for those with jaw pain.

The face tends to get tense when we’re stressed or due to posture or clenching your jaw when sleeping. A jade roller is perfect for all those things.

It’s smooth and cold to the touch. Afterwards your face will feel awake, refreshed, and less tense. You’ll love it this gift!

And it may not be a Pilates gift but it has the focus of Pilates in mind: less tension and more movement.

If your feet tend to feel tight, or you have foot and toe cramps, these are for you.

I’m talking about the Pilates gift of toe separators and toe sox. Toesox are often worn at Pilates studios to help with grip. They have a grip on the bottom and come in a variety of socks.

Honestly, I don’t wear toesox during Pilates. I wear them around the house and my feet and hips feel better when I do. 

If you’ve dress shoes, heels, or pointe shoes, you know how scrunched your feet feel. Using toe sox or the toe separators will loosen them. 

Wear the toe separators for about ten minutes after a walk or wearing shoes all day. Afterwards you’ll feel a difference in your hips and feet. Your toes will feel spread out like a duck’s webbed foot.

And if you have a bunion starting on your big toe or pinky toe side, the individual toe separators are perfect for you. It will help the toe be more aligned which will help your gait.

Another great Pilates gift is the acupressure mat is great for relieving tension.

At first laying on this acupressure mat might feel like pins and needles. Start with a shirt on before laying down in a sports bra, it’s intense!

Pilates gifts

This is one of my favorite Pilates gifts because it’s easy to use!

The mat helps with headaches and tight spots in your back or neck. Just laying on it for ten minutes will help increase blood flow to those tight spots. 

It also helps with sleep! By being less tense you’ll find it easier to fall asleep. 

Or use it before doing Pilates to loosen your body.

And lastly you can ask your family to purchase a Pilates package for you!

Giving yourself the gift of movement without pain is priceless. You’ll be able to do the things you love more often. You’ll notice a difference in everyday movements. You’ll be stronger. 

Packages are available in 4 and 8 sessions. When you commit to 4 sessions you begin to create a habit. And then you notice the differences I spoke of. 

Learn more about individual sessions here.

And purchase a package today!

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