Classes and Sessions

Private sessions are available locally in the Tacoma, WA area and online.

Private Session

55 minutes in person or online

This is where change becomes easy. I guide you through the movements of Pilates and find your skill level. Then I guide you to build your skills up so you get stronger and feel better.

You might think it’s about how your Pilates looks but you’re not looking at your body when you’re doing Pilates. Your goal is to feel better in your body and I’m here to make sure it feels right for you. You don’t have think about what needs to come next. You have an expert taking your feedback and giving you options.

Private Session

30 minutes online

You’re busy but you can make time for change. 30 minutes of Pilates makes movement a priority. This session gets right to the point so you have time to achieve your goals. 

Pilates and Coffee

45 minute class

Pilates and Coffee is the best way to enjoy movement and your favorite beverage. This is an intimate, fun, and friendly class. It’s a great way to learn Pilates with friends or make new ones after with a cup of coffee. Get on the list to be the first to sign up here. 

Pilates with Rachel means: relaxation, grounding, and feeling overall amazing. Before I started Pilates with Rachel I had a hard time sitting on the ground “criss-cross applesauce.” I would work out but I would have to modify everything. Now, I can sit for long periods of time, I can stand forever, and I can danceContinue reading “Cristina”


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