About Rachel

Rachel’s Story

Hi! I’m Rachel Thompson and my Pilates journey began in 2013. I was an avid runner racing in half marathons and training for a full marathon. After I had knee pain throughout a 10K race my goals changed. The pain was so persistent that I went to a sports doctor and he told me my core was weak. By strengthening my core I would relieve the knee pain. While running, I read all the articles about cross training during my running years and never took it seriously. However, I knew I wouldn’t do physical therapy forever and I wasn’t motivated to do the recommended PT exercises on my own. After taking a few Pilates classes, there was no doubt Pilates was something to continue. Pilates is different than any other workout.

Pilates is life changing! It gives me strength and confidence which I haven’t found with other workouts. I felt like I was in shape until I tried Pilates. It’s a whole different spectrum which makes it exciting and lifelong. It is a continuous process that helps overcome life’s challenges and changes. I love to learn which is why I love Pilates. It never feels the same, despite practicing 4-5 times a week and it’s fun! One day an exercise feels awkward and weird and the next day it feels simple and easy. It meets the individual needs of my body for that day.

Mission of Pilates with Rachel

My Mission is for people to move without pain and have the strength and confidence to do everyday physical activities. Most importantly, Pilates with Rachel is the method to achieve these results.

Rachel’s Teaching Background

Rachel became a teacher to help you learn to move without pain. It’s really easy to think you’re doing an exercise right just because it looks right. Without knowing how it’s supposed to feel rather than look, it feels like a hamster in a spinning wheel without the possibility of getting out of the wheel. Each time you have a Pilates session, you’ll get out of the wheel and onward to new goals!

Rachel trained with The Pilates Center in 2016. After completing this program she took the PMA exam and became a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher. She began the training for the Masters program in 2019 to further develop my teaching skills as an instructor and student.

About Rachel
Rachel enjoying plants at home.