About Rachel Thompson

Pilates is more than exercises. It’s a way of life that gives me the strength to do things I’ve never done before. 

Before Pilates, I was very active. I took dance 4 days a week until college. Then my body changed, as my movement practice was drastically different without dance. I was uncomfortable with how my body looked and how I felt about myself. After college, I wanted to remain active and lose weight.

My friend asked me to run a 5K and I signed up! I enjoyed it and began running more races. During a 10K, I had persistent knee pain that led me to see a doctor who sent me to physical therapy. 

After physical therapy, I looked for something I could do consistently that worked well with running. When I trained for races, I heard suggestions to ‘do cross-training like Pilates, Yoga, or Swimming’ but never listened. After PT, I started Pilates to strengthen my core and help keep my knee injury free. I got so much more in return!

Working with my instructor one on one, helped me dig deeper into myself. I learned I was holding onto pain for no reason. Or I’d focus on negative thoughts keeping me in a pain loop. Taking Pilates one on one helped me learn how to let go of the the things I didn’t need while gaining strength, flexibility and confidence in myself and my body. 

Pilates brought me back to my emotional and physical self through safe movement. I decided to get certified to teach Pilates. Now I provide the opportunity for you to create change in your emotional and physical self, through Pilates. 

Pilates can be fun!

I love teaching Pilates one on one and in small groups. This gives me the opportunity to listen to your needs and provide consistency through fun movement! When I worked in customer service, I craved a deeper connection with the customer. I didn’t enjoy being the middle man. Through Pilates, I get to work with you directly to make sure you get exactly what you need. You’ll be surprised how much this movement practice can change your life! 

When I’m not doing or teaching Pilates, you can find me knitting or sipping local coffee. I found a way to combine two of my loves with my Pilates and Coffee class I host at the Artisan Culture coffeeshop. My husband and I discovered Artisan Culture through our shared love of coffeeshops when we moved to The Woodlands, Texas in 2020. 

I want you to teach you how to move without pain and have the strength and confidence to do everyday physical activities with ease. I hope you’ll join me and start your Pilates journey today! 

About Rachel
Rachel loves all things Hygge: plants, yarn, and coffee.

Rachel Thompson’s Teaching Background

The Pilates Center – 2016.

Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher– 2017-present.

Franklin Method Level 1 Educator– 2023 – present

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