What is the Franklin Method?

The Franklin Method is embodiment. You’ll improve your Pilates practice and everyday movements with this method that uses images and visualizations.

But what is embodiment? 

First, it’s noticing. Noticing where you are here and now. When you notice, it’s feeling your body in space. Acknowledging how you feel and that’s all. There’s no judgment or desire to change it. 

This could be noticing how your breath feels. Is it shallow? Is there tightness? Does it feel full and deep? 

Or feeling how your body is while standing. How does your back feel? Are you standing in your toe, heels, or a balance of both? 

Our body is amazing and we could go about our daily lives and notice any of these things. We have work to do, mouths to feed, and places to be. When we stop to notice how we feel we are embodying.

Images are a part of the Franklin Method®.

If you’ve taken a Pilates class with me you’ve noticed there are images used during class. Such as your spine being a slinky, imagining you’re rolling up a carpet when doing a roll up, or thinking flexible and happy thoughts. 

Images can be metaphorical, anatomical, kinesthetic, and positive self talk. Any and all of these are scientifically proven to create CHANGE in our mind and bodies. 

In order to create change in your body, you need to start with your mind. 

If someone wanted to run a marathon, they would have a training plan, the gear and then go out and run. There’s a chance with all that prep work they could have difficulty achieving this goal. There’s a mental aspect to everything we do and when that runner sets foot every training run, they need to have a mental picture of succeeding. Otherwise their mind will say ‘I told you so.’

Instead, focusing on how it will feel to succeed, crossing that finish line with excitement through all the grit will be rewarding. 

You’ll succeed and have fun with movement using the Franklin Method.
Franklin method

So rather than just doing an exercise to do it, with the Franklin Method you’ll embody it, envision it, and feel it. 

In the beginning some of the images or words will sound silly but when you notice the effects it has on your mind and body, you’ll begin to have your own. And since images are personal, these are the most effective ones. 

Are you ready for change in your body? Sign up for a class today to get started!

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