Strengthen Your Wrists

What can I do to strengthen my wrists?

Is this a question you’ve asked yourself recently? 

This tool is one you want to have at home. And the great thing about it is you can make one yourself! It’s simple and inexpensive.

Strengthen your wrists with a pilates bean bag

A trip to your local hardware and fabric stores, some sewing skills, and a little time is all you need. 

We use our hands everyday for a variety of things and it’s important to keep them strong. Whether you want to open jars with ease, have a better grip, or improve your long stretch on the reformer, it’s possible with the bean bag.

Here’s how to make your own bean bag:

3” Dowel (24” long)
Rope (54” – 56”)
3 (1) pound bags of dried beans
Fabric for the one pound bags and large bag, 25” x 15” minimum
Thread and needle (or sewing machine)
Grommets (optional) 


  1. Cut the dowel to size (24”)
  2. Drill a hole in the center of the dowel. This is optional but I found it easiest for attaching the rope. 
  3. Cut your rope to size (54”-56”).
  4. Measure and cut your fabric for the 3 individual bags. Mine are 5.5” finished, allowing extra for your seams.
  5. Measure and cut your large bag, mine is 11” by 7.5” finished. I’d recommend cutting 24” x 8”.
  6. Stitch 3 sides together for the small bags. Fill the bag with your beans and stitch closed. Do this 2 more times. 
  7. Fold large the bag in half and stitch your side seams and then top seam. The top seam is for finishing so you don’t have frayed edges. NOTE: You are not stitching the large bag closed.
  8. Cut two holes (front and back) for your rope in the center. Add grommets if using. 
  9. Attach rope and secure it with a square knot. Secure the rope to the dowel, either through the hole or around it.
  10. Fill your large bag with one or two bags to start- it gets heavy quickly! And then begin the bean bag exercises. 
Strengthen your wrists with your own bean bag

Click here for the exercises to strengthen your wrists with your new bean bag! Let me see your homemade bean bags in the comments!

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