3 Props for Travel

Traveling is a lot of fun and even when you get to your destination you might find your body needing some love. Take it from stiff and tight to flexible and happy with these 3 props for travel. And they fit easily in your carry on!

Do you find yourself tight and stiff after traveling? Whether it’s by plane or car, you’re in the same place for hours. And even if you stop to get gas or go to the bathroom in a plane you don’t have much room for stretching. Plus it’s short and then you’re back in your seat. 

I take these 3 props for travel with me everywhere and if it’s not all 3, it’s at least one of them. But I highly recommend taking all 3. They aren’t expensive and you can buy them on Amazon (your best friend for shipping quickly to your door with everything you need).

The first prop for travel is the orange balls.

There are a variety of ways to use these. Some of the simplest include sitting on them cross legged and focusing on your breathing. You’ll be amazed at the difference you feel in your pelvis and posture afterwards. Do this as soon as you have a moment at your destination. It will provide relief from all the sitting!

3 props for travel: Franklin balls

Another favorite way to use them is tapping. Tapping your whole body with them helps wake you up. Your muscles will go from feeling like a shriveled sun dried tomato to the juiciest plump ripe tomato. Get your set today.

Learn the method for tapping here. 

3 props for travel: rubs ball

Next up is the Rubz ball.

I’ve had this since I was running long distances. At the time this was probably all I did for my feet. While there’s a lot more exercises for the feet, just rolling on this ball will help wake up those tired and achy feet. It’s texturized which is good for proprioception. And if you’re doing a lot of walking on your trip this is important. 

The enhanced proprioception helps you stay balanced on your feet. It can mean the difference between rolling your ankle or injuring it. 

Roll your feet from toe to heel applying as much pressure as you like! You can purchase one here.

3 props to travel with: theraband

And lastly we have the Franklin band.

Preferably a long one- 11 feet or more. A shorter band can work too but you have more options with the long one. 

If you have tight hips from sitting or walking, the band is helpful to use during single leg circle on the floor. All of these props for travel can be used within a small space. Lay on the floor and see if you can make a snow angel and that will give you enough space for the leg circles. 

You can also use the band for a variety of strength training exercises. These will get your heart rate up and help you prepare for your activities on your trip. Or if you’re traveling for business, it’s an easy way to include movement if you don’t have a gym at your hotel or an area to go for a walk. 

3 props to travel with: theraband

Click here for a fun movement series with the Franklin band. 

And purchase your Franklin band here.

When time and space is limited, grab one of these three props for travel and move!

And if you would like more stretches when traveling, check out this blog post.

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