Stretches when Traveling

I love to travel and especially to new places. If it’s close, we love a good road trip. After traveling in a car or plane, I feel stiff and cramped. In an airplane there’s very little room to stretch your legs. And in a car I sit in all kinds of positions trying to get comfortable. Have you asked yourself: what stretches can I do when traveling?

So once I reach my destination, I do these stretches when traveling to loosen tight hips, back, and shoulders.They are my favorite way to stretch. The movements are simple and easy to do. The best part? There’s no equipment necessary!

When I’m in a new city I love to explore on foot. Walking around a downtown area is one of the best ways to experience it. When you’re in a car and it’s a new place you’re focused on driving. The streets are new and confusing. You don’t have the time to look up or stop and take it all in. 

Stretches when traveling
Walking along the riverwalk in San Antonio

Mike and I went to London in 2019 and each day we walked 10,000 steps minimum! It was so much fun but at the end of the day we were tired!

Stretches when traveling
Stopping for a break while exploring London on foot.

If you’re like me and enjoy exploring a new city, do these exercises that massage your feet. 

They are my favorite foot stretches when traveling. Afterwards your feet will feel great!

I’d also recommend releasing your psoas. The psoas is the primary hip flexor in the body. You’re using it while walking and lifting your leg. It also responds to stress, physical and mental. If your trip to the new city was stressful, this will help calm you and ground you. 

Learn how to release it here.

All of these exercises need zero equipment, just you and some space to move. These are my favorite stretches when traveling. Which one will you try today?

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