Pilates After Waking Up

Have you ever woken from a deep sleep and taken a big stretch? Reaching your arms past your head and feeling your feet stretch for the wall. It feels so good to do! You can take it one step further by doing Pilates after waking up.

After sleeping all night your body might feel stiff. And sometimes you notice discomfort that’s not normally there. 

When you get out of bed it’s time to shake off the sleep and prepare for your day! Depending on your routine, you might have little time to stretch. But taking just ten minutes (or less) will have you standing tall to start your morning.

Before you hop out of bed take a moment to notice how your body feels. Give yourself that big stretch in your bed. 

Pilates after waking up

Then find a wall space and do a couple roll downs. I love doing the roll down when I’ve been stationary for a while. When rolling off the wall picture peeling a piece of tape off or a waterfall going down your back. The first few might feel chunky as you go and that’s ok! It’ll get better with each roll down.

I love doing the movement exercises while waiting for my water to boil for coffee. Instead of scrolling on Instagram, I try to do these instead! A client of mine does these every morning before she brushes her teeth. She’s ready to start her day working from home afterwards. 

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And lastly, try tapping and brushing your body to help you wake up! This is fun and easy to do. The tapping helps with proprioception- waking up the cells in your body to be more aware of your surroundings. It’s a gentle tapping just like if someone was waking you up. Brushing your skin helps release that stagnant energy into the ground. Similar to brushing water off your arms and legs.

Your body will feel looser after doing any of these movements. You’ll feel light on your feet and ready for the day. Do Pilates after waking before or after a routine. Such as brushing your teeth, showering, or making coffee. This will make it easier! 

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Pilates after waking up

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