Breakfast: egg free, dairy free and banana free

Breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. It always has been and I love eating it for lunch or dinner. Growing up I loved french toast (and still do!).  Here are my favorites that I rotate depending on the season and my mood.

First I should mention I don’t love eggs. I can’t stand the taste, smell, or texture. And that’s been true since I was a baby. So what do I eat for breakfast that doesn’t have cooked eggs?

French toast and pancakes were always my favorite dishes to order when going out for breakfast as a kid. (Yes I know french toast has eggs). One of the restaurants in my hometown had delicious french toast. And you could tell when the ratio had more egg or milk. 

Currently I love a cooked and mashed sweet potato. I cook it ahead of time in the oven at 375 degrees until it’s fork tender. Which is about 30 minutes depending on the size. I slice it in half and place it cut side down after seasoning it with olive oil and salt. When I reheat it I love adding cinnamon, maple syrup or butter, and some toasted pecans. 

Another easy and quick favorite of mine is yogurt or non dairy milk with granola and fruit. I love the brand Skyr because it’s low in sugar and has a thick creamy texture. I don’t love the taste of cow’s milk anymore so I choose a non dairy milk such as oat and cashew milk. 

As my tastes have changed, I enjoy a savory option every once in a while. Avocado toast is quite the millennial breakfast and I’m on board with that! I love to use fresh sourdough bread from our local grocery bakery or a sprouted grain bread that’s in the freezer aisle. It has no preservatives which is why it’s kept frozen. Add some everything bagel seasoning, fresh tomatoes, and balsamic vinegar and you’re set! It’s even better if the tomatoes are grown in your garden. 😉 

A hash is another way I cook sweet potatoes for breakfast. I cube the potato and cook it in coconut oil. Then I add chopped kale, red pepper, and green onion. This dish comes together quickly – 30 minute cook time or less. The sweet potato is soft and tender. The fun part about a hash is it’s customizable. If you don’t like kale, switch it for spinach, swiss chard, or collard greens. You can add more veggies. And if you do like eggs, add a fried egg on top at the end. 

Smoothies are another favorite that comes in cycles. Having something cold in the summer can be refreshing but I crave them before the hot weather arrives in Texas. I’ve enjoyed ordering ones from Daily Harvest. Having it ready in the freezer and just needing to add milk makes my morning quick and easy. 

My smoothies are somewhat limited because I don’t eat bananas. There was a time when I was sick and I think it was due to stress. I had stomach and GI issues and tried eating the BRAT diet to help. Well after lots of bananas I began to have stomach cramps. So there might be a latex tree allergy there. 

Do you know how many smoothies have bananas? A lot! My favorites from Daily Harvest without bananas are the cold brew cacao, chocolate avocado, and mango papaya. I also love the Healthy Heart smoothie at our local Clean Juice. It has avocado, almond milk, almond butter, maple syrup, himalayan salt, and cinnamon. 

Steel cut oatmeal cooked with coconut milk and water mixed together is also a favorite. Full fat coconut milk adds flavor. I love adding cinnamon and fresh fruit. Just make sure you have time to wait for it, steel cut oats take at least 25 minutes!

So if you’re keeping track my breakfast doesn’t include eggs, bananas, or cow’s milk. That might seem limiting but I’ve been able to find options that work for me and are enjoyable. I get inspiration from vegan restaurants because guess what? No eggs!

Except, I love making crepes at home. And yes, I know that crepe batter has eggs. About 6 in fact! The taste and texture is completely different from an omelet or scrambled eggs. I love adding ham and gruyere cheese to mine. Then I sprinkle some powdered sugar on top and maple syrup. It’s the perfect sweet and savory combo.

I hope you found some inspiration for changing up your breakfast! If you’d like the recipe for the sweet potato hash and steel cut oatmeal you can find them in Michael Symon’s cookbook Fix it with Food.

breakfast without eggs, dairy, or bananas
Steel cut oats with fresh fruit is a favorite breakfast for me.

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