Walking: How to Step with Confidence

Walking exercises

Have you ever noticed how you feel after a walk outside? Your muscles are stiff and tired but your mind feels good after the exercise. I love walking! It helps clear my mind leaving me refreshed afterward.

Walks are also a great social activity with a friend. You feel good walking through nature and the energy it gives you. When Mike and I walk after work it gives us an opportunity to discuss our day outside of the house. By the time we arrive home we feel awake! 

There are many benefits to walking: exercise, heart health, and mental health. After you step out your door your troubles melt away and seep into the ground beneath your feet. How do you thank your feet after a 30-60 minute walk? They carry your body for miles and once you come home siting and resting is very appealing. Do you ever notice when you stand up how tired your muscles feel?

As a former runner, the importance of pre and post run exercises were ignored until I had an injury. You can read about my injury and how that lead me to Pilates here. With a strong core, meaning abdominal and hip strength, your walking improves.

Now, I do a short Pilates routine after walking to further prevent injury. The truth is, we walk using many muscles and taking the time to do a little movement after a walk helps loosen up those tight spots in your legs and low back. Imagine how tight your thighs after walking up and down hills. Your feet work hard when walking on uneven terrain to keep your balance.

What if you could spend ten minutes before or after walking to loosen up those stiff muscles and feel physically strong? Well, try these exercises to step outside with confidence! Once you do these exercises, you will feel strong throughout your entire body. It takes you on adventures in life.

Do you have trouble stepping out the door during the cold winter months? The thought of ice cold weather makes me want a warm blanket. The first ten minutes out the door are the coldest and these exercises warm you up before walking! Put on your warm clothes, do these exercises, and start walking!

Do these exercises before or after a long walk and tell me how you feel! 

Comment below if this post was helpful and that you plan to try the exercises for walking.

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