Low Back Pain Relief with 5 props

5 Props for Low Back Pain Relief

Practicing Pilates on your own at home is beneficial. Each time you practice it brings you one step closer to your goal! As a Pilates instructor, I hope you practice at home whether it’s once a week, twice a week, or every other week. The amount of time depends on your schedule. To make it easier for your practice, try using these props to relieve lower back pain, and make the exercises easier. 

Yes! I said make it easier! In Pilates, there’s a balance between too challenging and too easy. That’s what you’re searching for when practicing. The best props for low back pain are ones you have at a home and a few you can purchase online for less than $30. Each prop serves a different purpose and I’ll show you how.

Additionally, these props challenge your whole body. You can do Pilates with a little help and feel physically stronger after a little practice!

Hand towel

A hand towel is a simple way to feel your whole back on the mat. When you first lie down you might notice parts of your back are off the mat. Instead of trying to make your back flat, place a folded hand towel under your low, middle, or upper back. Notice the release in tension in your back, jaw, and neck! Leave the towel there while you lift your head and shoulders off the mat with hands behind your head. Remove it, and now your body feels calm and relaxed!

Move slider to see movement of head and shoulders off mat.

Small pillow

While on your back, place a small pillow underneath the base of your skull, make sure it’s off your neck. Bending your knees and keeping your feet flat on the floor your low back and neck releases and stretches. Now try a couple of leg circles in the air and notice how smooth the circles feel!

Use small pillow under head during leg circles. This relieves low back pain.
Use small pillow under your head during leg circles.

Orange balls

Sit on them to do a spine stretch and feel how much further you can stretch in your lower back. Practice sitting on them cross-legged to help sit up straighter. Lay on your stomach with them between your hip joints and the mat rocking side to side. These smooth orange balls for ‘low back pain’ massage and relieve any tightness. My clients swear by them and I do too!

Release low back pain with orange balls.
Place orange balls between the front of your hips and mat while rocking side to side.
Sit up straight with orange balls and release low back pain.
Sit up straight with balls under your sit bones!

Foam Block

The key is to make sure you squeeze the block between your inner thighs! As I said before, these props relieve low back pain AND make your movements easier. Using a foam block for ‘low back pain’ during your roll up creates a smooth and fluid movement. Your back peels off the mat without strain and rolls down like a carpet unrolling.

Move slider to see my roll up in motion while squeezing the yoga block.

Ball for Pilates

Use the ball under your shoulder blades to ease low back pain while doing your hundred. You’ll thank me and hate me at the same time on this one! Your low back doesn’t take the brunt of the work but your abdominals work instead! (By the way, if you have kids, use one of their balls!) A ball that is about 9” in diameter is ideal for ‘low back pain’ in your Pilates practice. Remember, it’s not that you can’t do the exercises, these props help you do the exercises better. The props are stepping stones getting you closer to your goal each day you use them.

Use ball behind shoulder blades to ease low back pain.
Place the ball behind your shoulder blades to assist with your hundred.

When you practice Pilates at home, you don’t need a lot of equipment. In fact, all you need is your body and a mat! These props relieve low back pain and help you achieve your goals! 

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