Why I love the coffee shop atmosphere

Before I began teaching Pilates full time, working in a coffee shop was one of my favorite jobs. I loved seeing people, making drinks, learning about coffee, and of course drinking it! 

I loved making conversation with people. Whether it was talking about their day, something exciting, or seeing a regular.

Coffee brings happy memories to me. People come to the coffee shop for something routine and then stay awhile because they love the atmosphere.

I love cafes that are warm and inviting. There’s a reason why many shops don’t have a clock- they want you to stay and enjoy yourself. The to-do lists can wait and it’s time to enjoy the present moment. Whether it’s with a good book, company, or talking to locals. 


When ordering a drink people are drawn to the beautiful latte art. There are some that are really impressive- swans, bears, you name it.

The first latte art I made was a heart. Sounds simple but it was a proud moment. I thought to myself, I made that!

Then there are rosettas which are more complicated. The harder you try when making the art, the worse it is. You have to trust the movement and go with the flow.

My favorite drink is a macchiato. It’s a shot of espresso with 2 ounces of steamed milk on top. It’s like a mini latte. When I have one it’s a treat for me. I normally drink my coffee black so if I get something from the bar it’s the macchiato or espresso. 

And I love the taste of coffee and espresso. The shot of espresso itself can alter the flavor of a mocha, latte, or cappuccino. It was always important to taste my shots at the beginning of my shift and during.

The fresher the beans the better they taste.

While working at the coffee shop I learned a lot about coffee. The temperature of the water is important when brewing.

The freshness of the beans affects the taste. If you buy locally roasted coffee, look for the freshest batch. Most roasters put the roast date on the bag. If you’re buying coffee from the store (nothing wrong with that) you don’t know how long it’s been there.

And whole bean is fresher than ground. We enjoy a pour over at home and only grind the beans when it’s time to make a cup. 

There are tons of options for coffee at home- french press, pour over, aeropress, percolator, or good old Mr. Coffee.

The pour over is my favorite because it makes one cup of coffee. The process takes some time and it’s worth it. And having fresh beans means you can taste the flavors of the coffee, the natural flavor of the bean.

Different regions have different flavors. Coffee from Sumatra is typically more woodsy and tobacco-like. Ethiopian has a blueberry note sometimes. And one of my favorites, Guatemala, can have notes of chocolate. 

Coffee is grown in areas of high elevation and south of the equator. These areas give us the best coffee. The weather, altitude, and environment all have a factor in the coffee.

Did you know coffee beans are actually inside a cherry? Check out Roasty Coffee’s post to see what it looks like. They are green before they are roasted. Usually they are rinsed before being sent to a roaster and set outside to dry.

Did you know that a light to medium roast coffee actually has more caffeine than dark roast? In order to have a dark roast coffee, the beans are roasted longer. 

Coffee brings me joy. Whether it’s talking about it, drinking it, or sitting at a cafe with friends. It’s something I look forward to everyday. And when I travel I look for a local cafe. I’ve included my favorite coffee shops in this post.

And I love coffee so much I created a Pilates and Coffee class. We do Pilates first and then enjoy a cup of coffee together. To learn more about it click here.

Pilates and Coffee
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