How to prevent injury with Pilates

You can prevent injury with Pilates. There are a variety of reasons why and I’ll explain each one in this post. I will also explain how you can do Pilates when injured. Pilates strengthens the whole body. The exercises move the spine in all directions as well as strengthen the smaller muscles. When you’re puttingContinue reading “How to prevent injury with Pilates”

Pilates Rules: What are they?

There’s an order for the Pilates mat and reformer which can feel like a set of Pilates rules to follow. You may have noticed this after a few classes. Typically you’ll start with some form of footwork, hundred, and then roll up for the mat or leg circles/short spine on the reformer. And why isContinue reading “Pilates Rules: What are they?”

The Reformer

Pilates relieves stress. The mindful movement helps calm my overthinking mind and bring me to a better state of relaxation. The ability to do Pilates anywhere- home, in a hotel, studio, online, helps me remain consistent with my practice. It truly is a practice with no stopping point to maintain strength and flexibility just like meditation and mindfulness is a practice.