What is the purpose of Spine Stretch?

What is the purpose of Spine Stretch? Have you ever wondered why I am doing this exercise during Pilates? I encourage these questions among my class and clients. Sometimes an exercise can feel silly but when you know the goal behind it, it has a purpose. You understand it better and are able to embodyContinue reading “What is the purpose of Spine Stretch?”

Reform the Mind

When things feel out of control the mind gravitates to the negative. A series of ‘What If’s’ consume the brain and the mind needs to fight to find the positives. Focusing on the positive is truly an exercise and is important in your Pilates practice.  Joseph Pilates created a series of exercises called Contrology (knownContinue reading “Reform the Mind”

Exploring March MATness

March MATness is my favorite time of year. I enjoy promoting the mat exercises because you take these with you anywhere! The only equipment needed is a mat. Some exercises can be done standing if laying on the floor is difficult. With a little knowledge and creativity you can practice anytime!  Do you wonder whyContinue reading “Exploring March MATness”