Exploring March MATness

March MATness is my favorite time of year. I enjoy promoting the mat exercises because you take these with you anywhere! The only equipment needed is a mat. Some exercises can be done standing if laying on the floor is difficult. With a little knowledge and creativity you can practice anytime! 

Do you wonder why a Roll Up from the floor matters? How do you get out of bed in the morning? Saw involves twisting the spine right and left. Do you reach for things in the back seat of your car? Extension of the spine bends the spine backwards. What does our posture look like throughout the day sitting at a desk and working on a computer?

Joseph Pilates created all mat exercises first and explains them in his book Return to Life. He designed these exercises to work all muscles and move in all possible directions. The instructions are simple and the beginning of the book includes his thoughts on health, lifestyle, and the habits of people. 

“Never fail to get all the sunshine and fresh air you can.”- Joseph H Pilates, Return to Life

This year Mike, my husband, and I took pictures outdoors remembering what Mr. Pilates’ words. My theme for March MATness is exploration. Exploring the outdoors and my own neighborhood. This also means exploring my body and habits during the mat exercises. 

Exploration instead of perfection. Pilates is a practice. Say it often. Remember it often. Practice Pilates often. Exploration is learning the ins and outs of how your body moves and how it is designed to move. Learning why the body moves specific ways and how Pilates helps every day movements in life. 

Do you practice any mat exercises? When I assign homework it includes mat work because not everyone owns equipment. When I teach clients online we work on mat for the same reason. Have you taken advantage of practicing mat with me personally? Start your Pilates practice today with an online mat session and join the MATness!!

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