Reform the Mind

When things feel out of control the mind gravitates to the negative. A series of ‘What If’s’ consume the brain and the mind needs to fight to find the positives. Focusing on the positive is truly an exercise and is important in your Pilates practice. 

Joseph Pilates created a series of exercises called Contrology (known as Pilates) and these included all mat exercises. After realizing people needed extra help for mat work he created the reformer. The definition of reform is to make changes in order to improve it. 

The reformer exercises help improve your mat exercises. But what if you don’t have access to a reformer? Or never used one? The reformers, equipment and springs, can be intimidating or outright scary. 

In reality it’s not the equipment that’s scary, it’s our mind that is scared. What if I hurt myself? What if I look foolish? These might be barriers before you step foot on a reformer. So, how about trying to reform your thinking?

Have you been in a class or private session and listened to the directions from your instructor and thought ‘no way, that’s not possible’. Your mind says NO before trying and your body then agrees with it. Instead think to yourself you can do it. Your body is strong enough. Say you’re not scared (even if your nerves say differently). 

Envision yourself doing the exercise. Practice the movement in your head the same way basketball players train to make free throws. First envision the exercise and your body doing it. Then add any upper movements followed by the lower body movement. Break the exercise into two parts, the start and finish, and practice the start for a few reps and then move to the finish. Practice the breathing and then finally put everything together.

Roll ups will turn into Teasers in no time! Planks will become Push Ups! Reform your thought to reform your movement.

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