Cristina’s Pilates Journey

We start Pilates at different times, stages, and reasons. This make us unique but one thing is the same: Pilates. I asked Cristina to share her Pilates story: why she started, what it means to her, and how it has helped. Read to see if you relate! It is never too late to start!

Why Cristina began Pilates

“I first started doing Pilates because I could no longer deny that it was probably something that would be beneficial to me. I have known for a long time that core exercises are incredibly beneficial and when I first started that was my first impression of Pilates. I contacted Rachel and she has shown me that Pilates is so much more than core.”

What Pilates means to Cristina

“Pilates provides a means for centering me. The focus on breathing brings me to a place of relaxation and mindfulness when I need it the most. Pilates also involves the entire body, not just your core. So when I finish I feel amazing everywhere.”

What Pilates has given Cristina

“Pilates helps me to carve out a little bit of time in my day for myself (along with working from home with her husband and two sons age 7 and 4). When I practice I put on relaxing music and really allow the movement and breathing to relax and ground me. In this state of mind, I can focus on stretching or holding positions for longer than I ever thought possible.”

How Pilates has helped Cristina

“Before I started Pilates I had a hard time sitting on the ground “criss-cross applesauce.” I would work out but I would have to modify everything. Now, I can sit for long periods of time, I can stand forever, and I can dance with my kids to name a few things. I have also noticed that when I do cardio I can go for longer and I get winded a lot less easily. The breathing exercises have helped me a lot! My hips are much looser and I can now sit “criss-cross applesauce” for hours!”

Try online Pilates!

“The thing that has helped the most though has been the care that Rachel puts into getting to know my body and working on conditions specific to me. In a nutshell Pilates means: relaxation, grounding, and feeling overall amazing.”

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