Spread the Word

Spread the word about Pilates! I’m asking you to share your Pilates experience and talk about it often with others.

There are many ways to tell others about Pilates and help them start their own journey. Here are a few simple options:

  • Tell your friends, specifically those who are active or might benefit from Pilates.
  • Explain the benefits of Pilates: the changes you’ve noticed, how you feel, how your movement has changed. 
  • Explain why you started doing Pilate;, a friend/family member/colleague might have a similar reason for wanting to start.
  • Share and/or like posts about your Pilates studio and instructor.
  • Post about Pilates, create your own posts and tell others you just finished a Pilates workout!
  • Write a testimonial for your instructor/studio so others can see your review. 
  • Give a gift card for Pilates sessions to someone you think would enjoy it most.
  • Invite a friend to a local Pilates class. 
  • Talk about Pilates often!! 
  • Keep doing Pilates!

Pilates and movement have a positive effect on our lives, one good reason to share it! Let’s make Pilates well known!

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