Private Session or Class?

Considering Pilates but unsure which is right for you: private sessions or classes?

Below is a guide to determining whether to start with a private session first or jump into classes!

Private Sessions

  1. Individualism: Private sessions are designed for your individual needs which is great for when you want to know if you are doing Pilates correctly. I focus on your body specifically and no one else. Your feedback is important to give and the I make adjustments. 
  2. Cost: Private sessions tend to be more expensive than classes. A private session prepares you for a class. Learning the equipment and breathing feel complex in addition to learning the exercises. 
  3. Referral: An injury or post surgery is a one reason to do a private session. Especially look for someone (like me) who has experience with multiple conditions and injuries. 
  4. Timing: Choose a time that works well for you and your instructor!


  1. Group feel: You like being in a group setting and come with friends or make friends in class.
  2. Cost: Classes are cheaper; the cost per class is cheaper than a private session, especially a mat class compared to an equipment class. 
  3. Focus: The focus is on you and the class, not your body for the entire session. The instructor splits the focus and theme of the class among the group.
  4. Timing: Multiple options are available throughout the week and you can come to multiple classes.

Now you can decide to start Pilates with a class or private session! Enjoy better movement and breathing to live a happier life!

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