Natural Movement

Have you completed a workout that felt easy? Where you came home and wondered which muscles worked?

How about a workout that left you sore for days? Where it hurt to walk up and down the stairs or sit in your car?

The first workout sounds like an easy workout with little effort used. The second workout is a hard workout where the muscles are fatigued and soreness remains for two to three days later. A Pilates workout is the Goldilocks of these two types of workouts.

Can you feel muscles working? What is the difference between sore and pain?

First, we must learn to feel. We can easily feel pain. When we release tension we can move freely and this allows our muscles to work. Then we can begin to feel. 

Search for natural movement within your body which makes Pilates feel easier. This creates a natural rhythm using muscles without overdoing it. It is graceful like a duck flying or a dolphin swimming. Why use 100% of your muscles and energy when you don’t need to? That is like running a marathon at a pace two times as fast as your training. 

Sometimes the exercises feel “easy” and then it is time to explore. Is this an easy exercise? Are we using bigger muscles when smaller ones should work? 

Pilates is difficult but in the sense of learning a new skill. The breathing is hard to remember. Once you understand how the body moves and the goal of exercise it becomes easier. Your body and mind remembers things quicker making the movement natural.

Natural movement gives you a sense of right or wrong movement. This leads to less muscle tension and more strength. Pilates helps natural movement happen!

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