How May I Help YOU?

Sometimes we need a little help from… The Beatles, our friends, or Pilates. Pilates helps in more ways than one and with my instruction you’ll soon agree!

Asking for help is difficult but ask for a Pilates session and receive the help your body needs!

I help people move better. This includes helping with injuries such as: broken foot, frozen shoulder, sprained ankle, tennis elbow, and many others! Learn how the body moves, which muscles overcompensate, and how to strengthen the body as a whole.

I help bring confidence in bodies. Confidence to go up and down stairs easier, rise from the floor, walk for long periods of time without pain, play with children and grandchildren, and do outdoor activities with ease. This means feeling stronger and physically! 

I help people appreciate their body. Learn to be thankful for what it can do. Pilates empowers and brings internal strength in addition to external strength. 

I help you let go of perfection and appreciate the changes and experiences; inside and outside the body. We want to do things well, especially Pilates, and that includes knowing how to do the exercises properly. This differs from doing them perfectly. I help you feel the difference between a correct exercise and an incorrect one to remember when practicing.

I help give confidence to take a class and be on your own. This includes being in control of the equipment and springs in addition to doing Pilates.

I help let go of pain and find freedom of movement in the body. Pain can be physical or mental but neither is pleasant. When our muscles are relaxed and not tense it improves our movement and allows the muscles to work.

I help you learn. I give the answers to the Why? questions. The knowledge of why we breathe, why an exercise is difficult, why Pilates helps us, and why we love it!

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