What is Contrology?

Joseph Pilates referred to Contrology as the complete coordination of body, mind, and spirit. Today we call Contrology Pilates. Pilates teaches how to control your muscles with your mind and when the two are in sync, that connects you to your inner spirit. 

This post explains how the practice of Pilates (Contrology) is more than just Pilates. It’s part of your lifestyle, your every day life.

Control is a big deal. When things are out of control it is most important to look for things you can control. 

Pilates is one to remember. The amount of times you practice is in your control and you can do Pilates everyday! The exercises are designed not to overwork or fatigue your muscles. 

In addition to Pilates, walking is another great option! A 30 minute walk will increases your heart rate and helps clear your mind. Any outdoor exercise provides fresh air and gives your body multiple benefits, especially Vitamin D!

Meditation connects you to your inner spirit. Choose any app for guided meditation. 10 minutes a day lifts your spirit and provides a positive start to your day. Clearing the mind enhances your Pilates exercises, focusing on Pilates and not anything else.

Start a hobby! Reading, writing, drawing, music, arts and crafts, puzzling, baking, cooking all keep your mind and body active and occupied. 

Sleep is important and Joseph Pilates discusses it in his book: “Most important in the matter of enjoying good recuperative sleep are quiet, darkness, fresh air, and mental calm.” Create to a routine of going to bed within a half hour each night and waking up within a half hour each day. 

Limit the amount of negativity in life. Take the time to see what gives a negative emotion and eliminate it from daily life: media, people, clutter, etc.

Taking all of these into consideration you will find how much control you have when everything else feels out of control. This gives comfort and security in an unsure time, at any time in your life.

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