Why Online Pilates?

Today, more than ever we are moving to a virtual world: schools, work, and even Pilates! I have been taking online Pilates sessions from my instructor Harvey, from London, for the past year. I absolutely love it!

If you have not taken a virtual session before, consider these reasons below!

  1. Flexibility: There are many options available for you to take a class!
  2. Location: To workout at home, all you need is enough space to move your arms and legs. No need to drive anywhere!
  3. Personalization: I design a virtual workout for your body specifically. The workout focuses on your Pilates practice, breathing better, and thus releasing tension.
  4. Playback: Record your session to have available later, then follow along to the instructions and remember what felt right.
  5. Movement: Keep your body active while being home more often!

Naturally you might have some doubts about online Pilates but read more about how to dispel them.

  1. “I need to be in shape and flexible.” 

TRUST me, you will become more flexible with Pilates and get in shape! We all start our journey somewhere!

2. “I don’t have the right equipment.” 

All you truly need to do Pilates is a mat. If you don’t have a mat but have a carpeted area that will work!

3. “I’m not good at Pilates or I’ve never done Pilates before.” 

Pilates is a practice and perfection is not the goal. Your freedom of movement is my number one goal.

4. “I don’t know how to use Zoom or Skype.” 

It’s easier than you think! It’s as simple as checking email, using Facebook or Instagram on your phone and they are FREE!

5. “I don’t have time.” 

We have been given the luxury of more time, take advantage of it! If your studio is closed keep the same spot as your class/private on the calendar and exercise.

Try a complimentary 30 minute session if you’re a new client! Ask about a virtual mat class option instead of private sessions. Consider how much money you’re saving while stuck at home!

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