The Importance of Self Practice

How often do you practice Pilates as an instructor? How often do you take classes or private lessons?

I know how busy we can be and how little we might feel like practicing. But I also know if I don’t have someone helping me and correcting me I’ll go back to my bad habits. I’m completely aware of my bad habits and usually know if I’m doing something wrong or how to self correct myself.

But another element of private sessions or classes as an instructor is being humbled, again. Do you remember the first time you did Pilates and couldn’t do everything? How you struggled and hated it at the same time? Guess what? You get to feel that again and it’s a good thing! It keeps us honest. It helps us remember we’re not perfect and we don’t know everything. It reminds us we have more to learn.

Being able to take class or private lessons also helps give yourself that push you need. It just like when the weather turns cold and if you’re going out for a run you open the door and discover it’s colder than you think. It’s the push out the door to keep going, keep trying, don’t give up.

I have all the patience I need when teaching clients. I have patience with myself, I could also benefit from more but where I want to step up is with my persistence. “Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor.”

Private lessons and classes will help with my persistence. What helps you stay patient and persistent? Which do you need more of, patience or persistence? Which one do your clients need more?

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