I love Pilates and Yarn

I love doing Pilates and teaching Pilates. I also love crochet and sometimes knitting too. I recently embarked on a big crochet project for a friend where I was making small animals with a very small hook. The work was not very ergonomic and the animals required a lot of tension on the yarn. After a month or so I noticed a tingling feeling in my right shoulder (I’m right handed) and after discussing this with my Pilates instructor we thought it might be related to crochet. 

His response was not to stop doing my craft, I enjoy it and don’t want to stop, but to learn how to properly use the muscles in my back and shoulder to support my arms holding blankets or small hooks for a long period of time. I also purchased a more ergonomic hook, decided to take frequent breaks while working on the project, and move to a more upright seated position. 

Pilates has supported my craft despite what the craft might do to my body and posture. This is true not just for crochet but other hobbies and exercises. I began Pilates because of a running injury. When people no longer want to do higher impact exercise they come to Pilates. You can do Pilates while pregnant (always consult your doctor and do your research for a qualified instructor). Pilates is for every body.

I hope other people can come to Pilates for whichever reason: to start exercising again, to relieve pain, to build strength after injury or surgery, or simply my reason to have the support for crochet. I hope you come to Pilates and are encouraged to do Pilates for your body. Pilates will help you become stronger, leaner, and return your body to its more natural state for better movement.

What hobby or exercise does Pilates provide support for in your body?

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