Create a Home Pilates Space

We’ve been staying home for awhile now. I’ve lost track since March. The weather is warming up, kids are out for school, but you’re still exercising. 

When exercising inside and at home, where is your workout space? It could be having your mat in the living room in front of the TV. Or in the unfinished basement with the Christmas decorations. Or maybe you’re lucky enough to have an extra room to use, an office or spare room.

At our last place, a two story townhome with a finished basement, I started in a small 9 x 9 office room. But when I bought my reformer it became too small. So we moved everything downstairs and it became too big. In our house in Texas I have all Pilates equipment in a bedroom and it feels just right. (Yes, Goldilocks right here!)

It’s best to be in a place where you won’t get distracted. Living rooms are difficult because the kitchen is close by. A place where you can close the door and tell family you’re working out is best. Limiting distractions will help your Pilates practice because after all we need to strengthen the mind body connection.

Consider what is in your space and what inspires you or brings you joy. Is there a lot of clutter around? The clutter seeps into your mind and becomes another distraction. Do you have any pictures or paintings that make you happy? 

We can’t all have home Pilates studios but you can make the space inviting and inspiring for exercise. Take the time to look at your space and see what works and what doesn’t work. Get rid of clutter and things that will be in your way. 

When you’re done do Pilates!

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