Setting Your Pilates Goals

What goals do you have for Pilates? It’s something I ask in the beginning and it helps me guide your session. Maybe it’s to not feel pain or stiffness. Or cross training for a race (COVID excluded). How about playing with your kids? Getting down to the floor easily and back up? Walking for long periods of time?

I’ve heard I want to be ‘more flexible’. But what does more flexible mean? As in touching your toes with straight legs? It’s certainly a goal. How does that benefit you?

Maybe the goal is to be stronger. What does ‘stronger’ mean to you? Lifting a 50 pound bag of dog food without hurting your back? Carrying your 2 year old with ease? 

I recently realized one of my personal goals wasn’t SMART. I had a time limit on it but when I looked at what I was doing, I said “I can’t achieve that goal.” In terms of SMART goals it wasn’t realistic. 

This brought me to the path of Pilates goals. When I started Pilates I wanted a stronger core  to prevent knee pain. How would I measure that? When I ran I would know if I was stronger and without pain. I didn’t set a time limit on it and now it’s more for life.

Now let’s set a goal. Pick something simple, measurable, attainable, realistic and with a deadline. It could be: start doing Pilates once a week for 3 months to relieve back pain.

What is your goal for Pilates? I’ll design your Pilates sessions to achieve that goal!

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