All the Time (to do) Pilates!

It’s time to do Pilates online! Now, more than ever, it’s easier to do Pilates in the comfort of your own home at your own time. There is more flexibility in your schedule for a Pilates session.

How often have you said, ‘If only I had more time to do Pilates…’? The universe has answered your call and gave you more time. Maybe it wasn’t time in the way you thought, travel isn’t really an option, and vacations are put on hold.

There’s a song by The Bahamas that I love called “All the Time.” Since March of this year we’ve been given more time. Time at home, time with family, and time online.

When have you said ‘I wish I had more time to exercise’. Guess what? You have it! Many of us are working from home which has shortened our commute. Think of how many minutes you gained. A 40 minute commute one way is 80 minutes per day and 400 minutes per week! A 10 minute commute, 20 per day is now 100 minutes at your availability. 

What are you doing with all that extra time? When the commute is from your bedroom to your home office it’s so short and easy to start work right away. How about using that commute time to exercise in the morning? Instead commute to your workout space and do Pilates online.

Many have found it more likely to complete an online Pilates session at home in the morning. Waking up in the morning our bodies are the least stiff. We slept for 8 hours (more or less) and our body has rejuvenated itself. We haven’t been sitting for hours or standing to add tension and strain on our body. 

Time is a manmade concept. We as humans are the only thing on Earth who worry about time. In fact when I have a to do list written down I hate it. I feel I need to complete everything on the list before the end of the day and it stresses me out. Instead I ask myself what is most important today? Pilates is always at the top of the list. In order to accomplish that I know I need to do a Pilates session before I eat lunch even if that means a noon workout. 

The truth is we’ve always had the time even before COVID-19. Now you have the time to make Pilates a priority. You hold the power to make the time to do a workout. Schedule the online Pilates session today and the appointment is set on your calendar and in your mind. 

Once you take the step to make time for yourself and Pilates it will be easy from here on out. You’ll feel good after Pilates. Every time you will feel better than when you started. Then there will be no trouble making time for Pilates.

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