Why is Pilates Right for You?

Pilates is great for everyone: young, old, pre surgery, post injury, healthy, active, etc. Everyone and anyone can do Pilates. The reason why it works for everyone is I can provide modifications and adjustments for your body and needs. 

If you’re young, Pilates will help build muscle to provide strength for sports. If you’re preparing for surgery, Pilates strengthens and supports the muscle while the body is still growing and changing. It can help prevent injury from sports as a young athlete.

Those who need to have surgery such as foot, ankle, hip, or shoulder will benefit from Pilates. Depending on the surgery, it will take weeks or months before being active again. Pilates strengthens all muscles which the body can call upon while resting after surgery. You will also have awareness for post surgery to prevent muscle compensation. 

What about if you’re already healthy and active? Why do Pilates? Pilates works the smaller muscles that you don’t always feel or notice. It’s the all around, full body work that helps your current lifestyle. It builds endurance for longer runs or longer workouts. 

As we get older our bodies change. It’s inevitable but we can still remain strong and flexible. There are many exercises that work to improve balance and doing Pilates keeps your body mobile. This prevents stiffness in your joints. 

There are a variety of medical conditions you might have and not to worry, you can still do Pilates! Scoliosis, kyphosis, osteoporosis, muscular dystrophy are some of the conditions that I’ve worked with personally. Your Pilates exercises might look different or feel different than someone else. You’ll learn more about your body and your condition when doing Pilates. 

Everyone and anyone can do Pilates. I’m here to help you start and achieve your goals. My mission is for you to have better quality of movement and that’s with Pilates!

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