Flexible in Mind and Body

Have you thought “I’m not flexible enough to do Pilates”? The truth is you don’t need to be flexible to start Pilates. Pilates helps increase your flexibility. Our mind will help increase our flexibility.

With the current workplace to being more technical, sitting, and stationary, exercises like Pilates improve our flexibility and strengthen our weaker muscles. It’s true that some people are more flexible than others and it’s different for men and women. We can dig deeper to learn why we don’t feel flexible. You can start Pilates at anytime, any age, any flexibility, and any part of their lives.

We also have another side of flexibility: the over flexible, the hyper mobile (think Gumby). We can be ‘over flexible’ because there are still some areas that aren’t flexible. As a previous dancer I was flexible. But was I flexible in the correct way? I don’t know for sure but with my current habits, probably not. For me it’s humbling to do any shoulder girdle exercises because I need to be stable in my joints and move at the same time. This means knowing where my body needs to be and how it needs to feel to do the exercises properly.

Men or women struggle sitting upright for Saw and ask how not to be uncomfortable because of inflexibility. I offer a block or barrel to sit on to relieve tension and help improve the movement. This increases the range of motion. When we believe we are flexible we start to become flexible.

As an instructor I work to tip the scales so my clients can feel flexible and strong. Being too flexible may not give the feeling of strength. The opposite of being inflexible brings frustration.

I work to find the balance between flexibility and strength for your body. This brings flexibility to your mind and body.

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