Pilates Anywhere

Have you watched an exercise video and followed along wondering if you were doing it correctly? Or been in a class and looked at yourself in the mirror to check your form?

Technology is changing and improving and so are the ways to teach Pilates to others. Pilates Anytime is a great website with lots of videos from instructors teaching people and instructors teaching a class themselves. But how do you know you’re doing the exercise correctly? What if you’re not seeing results?

When I started my training program there were tons of lecture videos online for me to access with The Pilates Center. But these didn’t compare to lectures in person. I paid more attention in person, I could ask questions, and look more closely at the demonstration.

After returning from London, Harvey offered to do sessions through Skype. I loved my private session with him in person so I was really excited to try Skype. I had access to a studio and even though we’re 6 hour time difference we’ve found a time that works well for us.

Recently my sister in law called me to pick my brain about Pilates. She had started with some Pilates videos and liked the exercises but wanted more from her practice. She wanted to know if she was doing things correctly and if I had any advice for videos for her to watch. Then I offered to teach her on Skype.

We found a time that worked for both of us, she got all her equipment and set it up in her living room with her corgi lazily mocking her the whole time. I loved teaching her this way! It was my first time doing it and I didn’t know what to expect.

It reminded me of one of my teaching skill classes in my training program. I like to use my hands and more so gesturing when teaching. During the teaching skill course Debby told me not to use my hands. It was so hard! But it helps you find other ways to teach and use your words to achieve results.

The internet has helped me stay connected with others and Pilates!

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