A Pilates Instructor’s Journey

Rachel began her journey with Pilates 5 years ago when she was referred to the technique after a running injury.  She immediately fell in love with the method and exercises and discovered the importance of incorporating it into her exercise routine along with running.

When doing Pilates you truly learn from multiple instructors and their perspectives. Continue reading to learn more about Rachel’s teaching journey from the perspective of her husband…

“Several years passed, and a move to Wisconsin and new jobs for us both prompted a sense of unease in my wife…she found her calling with Pilates, really wanting to dive head first into becoming an instructor.  I couldn’t help but be supportive because I knew it was worthwhile to practice and I could see how happy it made Rachel. It was a no brainer to support her decision and do whatever I could to help her on her journey…even if that meant more Pilates for me too.  

Rachel began her certification journey quickly and with full force.  Soon she was studying and practicing and talking nothing but Pilates.  I loved it – to see her so happy and to know this is going to be a major part of her life forever.  It was contagious! As she talked the Pilates talk and walked the Pilates walk – I couldn’t help but want to join her in such a large part of her life. 

As Rachel learned more on how to teach I could see the results…in her confidence and her instruction.  It was amazing! 

As she began to near the end of her certification, I helped with memorizing exercises in order – being a sounding board for stressful situation or planning sessions…and finally someone she taught while being assessed in the program.  That was one of the most interesting memories of our relationship and one of the hardest for several reasons….First, I was under duress through the whole session because there were shouts of “Stop, wait…hold that pose” and “no, do it this way…how does he know to move that way…Mike, can you move this way…” to which I internally replied “NO!  I cannot move that way because it’s impossible with anyone with a spine!” …I soon found out that having a spine was not why I was limited…and was able to be placed where I should be…The High Barrel….ugh! I want no more of that in my life.

It was OK because Rachel was learning how to teach…Rachel was the one who had to accomplish the goal, not me that day…and she did.  She was the one who later became certified and is now loving her choice to be happier in life, teaching Pilates.”

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