Living the Pilates Lifestyle

The definition of Lifestyle according to Miriam Webster is: “a particular way of living, the way a person or group of people live.” I write this post because while many people do Pilates and attend Pilates classes or private lessons, I wonder how many live a Pilates lifestyle? Do they think of a lifestyle associated with Pilates? What does it mean to live a Pilates lifestyle?

In my own words and thoughts, here is what I believe living a Pilates lifestyle is like:

  1. Practice Pilates. It does take some reminding to keep up with a Pilates practice and even when not attending a class or a private lesson do you practice a couple exercises at home?
  2. Body awareness. This is a broad spectrum but what comes to mind is positive talk for the body, fueling the body properly, and minding the body.
  3. Making decisions to improve yourself. Asking yourself is this good for me, my body, and my mind?
  4. Mental attitude/aspect. How often do you go for a walk without distraction (music, phone, people) and just let yourself think? Do you meditate?
  5. Talking about Pilates. Speak up to your friends and tell them about Pilates! Tell them what you enjoy most about it.
  6. Making friends in the Pilates community. Sometimes when we attend a class our mind immediately goes towards competing with others. Instead make friends with the person next to you on mat, tell them their Teaser was awesome and you are jealous, maybe you can find a way to help yourself achieve a better Teaser.
  7. Pilates in real life. Do you think of ways that Pilates helps you in real life? Such as standing taller when walking, moving fluidly when walking or running, being alert and keeping your head up, breathing deeply during stressful times.
  8. Knowledge of Pilates. If someone asks what is Pilates, can you answer them? Can you describe it in a way they would understand?
  9. Peace. Peace within yourself and among others. Joseph Pilates believed that if people did Pilates we would have world peace. Be kind to others.

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