Pilates Perspective by Mimi

As a Pilates instructor I can always give my reasons for starting, continuing, and enjoying Pilates but it’s also great to have perspective from people who come to class and take lessons on a regular basis. Here is Mimi’s take on how she learned about Pilates, why she makes it a priority, and why she would recommend it.

“I learned about Pilates through the Wisconsin Athletic Club. I really needed to find a workout I liked that would help me build up muscle because throughout college all I had done was cardio and minimal weight lifting. I wanted to find a workout that would create structure and schedule to my gym routine. After a few months of consistent Pilates, I noticed real changes in my body (the muscle tone and strength) giving me the motivation I needed to continue. I was also motivated by the challenging factor of working to master an exercise and push my body to the fullest.

Pilates is so necessary for any workout blend whether it is cardio intensive, weight lifting or high intensity, the body needs the small muscle movements to really excel. Pilates helped my running form and my weight circuits, my joints were now stabilized and can handle more weight and intensity. Prior to Pilates, I would attempt weight circuits but without the muscle stabilization I could not do the reps necessary.

As a younger woman I believe Pilates gives you confidence to work out and helps strengthen our weaker areas. Pilates really helps take the stress off work and loosen my body after a long day of sitting at work on my computer. Every young woman should try Pilates because the workout can be done anywhere at anytime and the changes to your body are noticeable and lasting.”

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