Be the Energizer Bunny

Exercise Tips for hot and cold weather

We use energy to make more energy. Interesting concept, right? It seems backwards to move in order to keep moving. 

There are times on the weekends when Mike and I go on a long and fast paced walk. Not too rigorous and certainly not a jog but one that keeps our heart rate up. We get back to the house and are flooded with energy. After the walk it’s a question of what can I do next not where will I sit down? We’ll move onto doing dishes or cleaning the house and it keeps building. 

In the evening it’s nice to sit down and read or watch your favorite TV show but still important to get up often. When fitbits came out it was funny to me how they remind you to stand at ten til the hour. When I worked in an office I used to read articles about setting a timer to stand every hour. 

But then COVID-19 happened along with being home more often. Working on the computer and teaching virtually has me thinking about movement again (well I think about it all the time to be honest). As you read this, think how long you exercise each day: going for a walk or jog, strength training, swimming, bicycling, Pilates. The exercise doesn’t take up your entire day, maybe one to two hours. 

Now, how long do you sit and stand during the day? How much more often can you stand and walk around? 

Find ways throughout your day to move more. When you have a moment to pause, stand up and stretch. The movement keeps your joints supple, blood flow pumping, and relieves stiffness. 

Be the energizer bunny and keep moving!

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