Human Connections

The fitness industry has changed over the last 10 years. Squash clubs are a thing of the past and now more specialized gyms are opening everywhere. You can have a gym membership to use weights, treadmills, pools, or you can do Cross Fit, Orange Theory, even Solid Core. They are all variations of exercise and all marketed toward different people. 

But for me, even hearing about the changes in studios, variations in Pilates and class names, Pilates is still the same exercise method it was when Joseph Pilates created it. It remains the same for those who still remain connected to it. Those who have a passion for the method and continuing to practice the exercises Joe created. 

In addition the industry changes, technology has changed. We went from landlines to cell phones, antennae to cable to Direct TV to live streaming, PC to laptop to tablets, and Facebook to Instagram to Snap Chat to Twitter, etc… The list goes on for what you can experience at your fingertips without leaving your house and changing out of your pajamas. Technology has created more opportunity but has it decreased our human connections?

There is a similarity to social media and Pilates: how it makes us feel. Which one gives you long lasting effects and which is short term? How often do you check social media to see what new posts are in your feed or how many likes you received? But on the other hand, how did Pilates make you feel after your session? How did it continue to make you feel for the remainder of the day? 

Have you ever done a workout video at home and thought you might be doing it wrong? Or felt stupid doing it because you were just unsure of the goal behind the exercises? Pilates instructors use more than just verbal cues when teaching, they use tactile cues, images (demonstration), to help clients learn and achieve. This helps strengthen your connection between your mind and body. Imagine what it would be like having a robot teach you, all human connection would be lost. 

Even though instant gratification is at your fingertips look for ways to build your human connections with Pilates and people today. 

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