Let Change Happen

Why do we try to stop change? Why do we become afraid and work to maintain a routine of the same rituals over and over again? Think about when you were a baby and you didn’t know change and you just did what you wanted or needed- sleep, eat, roll over, yell, babble, etc.

Humans go through change starting in the womb. The egg has to develop and over a period of 40 weeks becomes a baby developing limbs, the head, torso, extremities, and internal organs. Doctors follow the progress and make sure things are in working order and listen to the heartbeat and identify the changes through an ultrasound. Once the baby is born we continue to follow the changes to ensure that the baby grows and develops.

I’m not here to provide you with an anatomy lesson on how humans develop from the egg to adult and beyond. As you read this I know you have gone through changes and developed your skills so that you can read what I write.

Now as an adult ask yourself what changes you embraced or seeked out. How many times did you look for change outside of new clothes, haircut, new recipes, etc.? The world and your environment are continuously changing, I’m not talking about climate change, more simply the seasons, technology, or jobs.

Now consider the changes you experience within yourself- growing older, traveling to new places, trying new exercise programs. Often times we think if only I had the same body and youth from 10 years ago, if only I was taller, if only I had more upper body strength.

Instead look inside yourself to embrace what you do have- a wonderful laugh, happy kids or husband. Sometimes the physical qualities can be changed but the non physical can’t be changed as easily. The people who are kind, loving, and friendly most likely have been that way for a long time.

Pilates can change you in more ways than one. If someone comes to Pilates and says “I want to be more flexible” they don’t know they’ll become more flexible in their mind AND in their body if they let it happen. If someone asks to be stronger in their arms or legs they’ll develop stronger muscles AND a stronger mind.

Let change happen. Be the change for yourself and outside of yourself. Pilates can change you- body, mind, and spirit.

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