How Do I Start Pilates?

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When starting something new, especially Pilates, there are a lot of questions at the forefront of your mind. No matter the question, it is not silly to ask! Questions help you learn and prepare. If you’ve never heard of Pilates there’s a lot to take in at first. Mat Pilates or Reformer Pilates? Online Pilates or in person? To put your mind at ease and answer some of your questions before taking your first session, read below to learn more about Pilates and to provide insight into your Pilates journey. 

Do I need to be flexible? Absolutely not! Some people are already flexible and need help with the strengthening of muscles and others are strong but need flexibility in their joints. When you start Pilates you’ll find you are flexible in some areas and not in others. During your sessions we’ll work on creating a balance between the two. 

Do I need equipment? Nope! You only need a few things to start, if you’re coming to a studio in person you need yourself and some comfortable clothes to work out in. If it’s an online session you’ll need the same plus a mat and a phone or laptop with camera capabilities (easy, right?!)

What if I have existing conditions or just had an injury? Not to worry! I will give plenty of options so you can continue moving through the exercises without pain and working with any existing conditions. If you’re unsure about an existing condition send me an email or leave a comment below! I’d be happy to discuss it with you more to learn about your body. 

What if I’m self conscious about my body and how I look? I understand. It’s hard to have someone look at your body especially when Pilates is focused on how your body moves. I’m focusing on how you do the exercises. If you have extra weight in your stomach that means some movements will look different but our spines move the same way regardless of how our body looks. 

Personally I struggle with my own judgements. I might say ‘I wish I had this’ or ‘I looked like this’. Those thoughts don’t serve positive results and the self criticism is what slows us down from reaching our goals. They rob us of joy. When I have those thoughts I tell them to kindly walk out the door. It’s a practice just like Pilates. 

Pilates has given me appreciation for what my body can do. If time is spent thinking about what we can’t do we’ll never leave the couch or bed. Pilates will help you celebrate your body’s achievements, not its shortcomings. 

Will Pilates be hard? Yes and no. Do you remember the first time you rode a bike? How many times did you fall off? What was it like when you took off the training wheels? I remember when I had my first road bike with the clip in pedals. I went on a group ride and slowed to stop at an intersection. Guess what? I forgot to clip my feet out and fell directly to the side. I was fine and my pride was a little hurt. I got back up and back on the bike otherwise I would be stuck walking back to my car! 

When learning a new exercise or skill we have our highs and lows. Have you ever gone to an exercise class and left feeling defeated because there were exercises you couldn’t do? I’m making sure the session meets YOUR level and needs because I want you leaving with a smile on your face. You might curse and complain during Pilates at me and that’s ok, I can take it. 🙂 

Do I need to practice Pilates on my own? I recommend it! You can do Pilates everyday. Yes! Everyday! The exercises are designed to work your muscles and not fatigue them. There doesn’t need to be a rest period like strength training. 

I will give you exercises to practice at home that are simple to remember and will help you improve sooner. If you want to run a marathon would you run once a week? Hell no! If you want to get faster at running would you only run long distances? Nope! Speed work is necessary. If you have an upcoming concert how often would you practice your instrument? Everyday! The same principle applies here. We want our body to remember the work we did in between sessions. And I know you want to work hard at achieving your goals! 

Can I do Pilates with a friend? Absolutely! Do you know someone who has similar goals? Do you have a friend that will drag you out of bed to workout like Monica does to Chandler in FRIENDS? This is the person to join you for a Pilates semi private. Not only are semi privates a great option for your budget, you have someone right there with you. There are different types of friends you have to call on for advice, fun, support, etc. Can you think of one who enjoys working out just as much as you do? Or do you know someone who also wants to try Pilates for the first time? Ask them to join you for a semi private session!

I’ve never done Pilates before, what if I do it wrong? That’s what I’m here for! Here’s a little secret: I LOVE teaching new clients, especially those who haven’t done Pilates before. It’s so much fun to see you progress from beginner to intermediate levels and to advanced. Yes, you will get there! There’s a lot to learn and I’m not asking you to do the exercises perfectly. I’m just asking you to move and breathe and I know you can handle that. Would you rather try Pilates and do it wrong or never do Pilates because you’re afraid of doing it wrong? The answer is try Pilates and throw away that fear! 

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