The Pilates Journey

We start Pilates at our own beginning level. Pilates welcomes all levels and all people. The journey begins when doing Pilates for the first time, after taking a break, or working with a new instructor, or going to a new studio.

The day you start Pilates will be the comparison you look back on in 10 sessions, 20 sessions, or 30 sessions. The journey starts on day one and continues until you stop breathing. The great thing about Pilates is if you take a break and return, your mind and body remembers the exercises. Even more so than you think! 

I remember starting my teacher training which was when I started doing Pilates for the first time. I was out of shape, my upper body strength was weak, and I usually felt like I was going to die after stomach series on the mat. While in the program, I had a lot of workout hours and lessons putting me into the best shape ever. I could see and feel the difference in my body.

One year after my teacher training program and the journey continues!

After the program, I began teaching and that became my priority. I continued my lessons or classes but I did start to feel out of shape. I started working with my instructors again and now I’m happy I make it through stomach series on the mat. 

“It’s about the journey, not the end result.”

Life gives us obstacles all the time: career changes, moves across states, having kids, death of a family member, marriage or divorce, injuries or surgeries. Some of these obstacles are preventable but some are not. They challenge us to return to exercise and when we do we are stronger because of them. 

In your Pilates journey you start one day and build from there. Life will give you a curveball to smash out of the park or strike out your efforts.

Pilates is consistent in keeping your mind and body in shape regardless of your level and your journey.

Some days will feel like starting over again and remind you of the beginning. Other days are uplifting to show how far you’ve come and how much farther you will go.

-Rachel Thompson

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