Pilates MATters: Why I Love the Mat Series

We are 6 days away from March 1- day of one of what the Pilates industry refers to as “March MATness.” Benjamin¬†Degenhardt started this idea during March when the rest of the sports industry is preparing for March Madness (basketball). I don’t know about you but I love a good pun and I also love the opportunity to showcase Pilates to everyone. Pilates has been around for years but deserves as much publicity as possible.

If you’re new to Pilates here are some reasons to consider trying it- specifically because of the mat series. If you’re a Pilates enthusiast you’re probably familiar with mat but maybe it’s not your favorite and here are some reasons to love it.

  1. You can do it anywhere! In a mat class at a studio, in your home with a mat (cost of about $35), on vacation, outdoors, the possibilities are endless when you just need a mat.
  2. The exercises are adaptable to each person’s individual needs. Yes, this means modifications, no this does not mean cheating. We all start at one level and progress to new levels as we continue to practice.
  3. Many people can do mat- even those who think they can’t. I’ve worked with a client with muscular dystrophy, one who had her foot in a boot, pre and post natal, plus I recently heard an inspiring story of one woman who had her femur broken and started her Pilates practice with mat first!
  4. It’s a supplement to your private lessons and equipment classes. If you’re taking private lessons or classes once a week, adding in the mat exercises at home will add value to your lesson or class experience. If we want to improve we need to do Pilates more than once a week.
  5. It’s hard! I don’t tell people Pilates is easy, anyone can do Pilates but when practicing mat you have gravity and body weight to compete against.
  6. It tones your body more than you think. Push ups, side bends, hundred; hello upper body strength!
  7. It’s fun! It teaches you to laugh at yourself- rolling like a ball and seal- how can you take these exercises seriously?
  8. Mat is a compliment to other sports- running, golf, swimming, soccer, football, baseball, name a sport and we can look for an exercise to benefit it.
  9. Kids can do mat! It’s typically not recommended for kids to use the equipment as their bodies develop and mature but the mat is great for their flexible bodies and minds.
  10. The mat sequence was created first- it’s the original. It’s traditional. It’s what started everything.

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