Happiness is an Inside Job

Happiness is an inside job. Unfortunately we can’t find happiness from material things, from friends or families in our lives and the hard part working is from the inside out rather than the outside in. I am a firm believer in the saying ‘money can’t buy happiness’ since I was in high school and still to this day. I’ve recently begun the practice of meditation which focuses on establishing the belief you are enough. Meaning you are good enough, let go of the feelings that you are below average or not meeting other’s expectations; and focus on your mind on how to cultivate gratitude and positive energy in your body.

The great thing about meditation is you can practice it and see how it makes you feel but there’s no right or wrong. We’re often worried about failing at tasks or jobs but meditation has no judgement towards your being. The only thing that is requested of you  when meditating is to be present and available. The mind may wonder and bring thoughts to the forefront but if you tell them to pause you can be present in your body and current moment.

Along with not having judgement, meditation asks you to be kind to yourself. There’s no place for negative self talk while meditating- again going back to being present. While meditating there’s also the focus on deep breathing. This can help calm and relax your body and even put the negative self talk to the back of the mind and out of the mind. The deeper breaths can help reenergize the body and spirit to a point where your focus is different when you’re done meditating and you’re more aware of things compared to when you started.

Another focus for meditation is letting go- of control, thoughts, pain, negativity, bad energy; to name a few! You even want to let go of expectations for your breath- don’t force it. You can let go of disease and limitations and begin to be grateful for what your body can do. You can heal your body with breath practice and meditation but the first step is to begin practicing and be vigilant with your practice.

Here are some thoughts to ponder during a meditation or walk outside:

“What you resist persists.”
“Relax into the resistance.”
“Worry brings unnecessary suffering.”

Hopefully this inspires you to give meditation a try and see what benefits it can bring to your own body and spirit. Start out with just 5 minutes and if you don’t notice a difference try again at a different time of day. Sometimes we try new things and stop after the first time but how can we truly know if like or dislike it?

If you’re looking to learn how to meditate here are some great resources:

Simple Habit (app available for iPhone)
Mindful Movement (podcast)
The Healer Within– Roger Jahnke (Amazon)
Minding the Body, Mending the Mind– Joan Borysenko (Amazon)

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