7 Common Pilates Questions When Starting Pilates

Before Pilates it’s common to have some concerns and questions. I want you to feel as comfortable as possible when beginning this new movement practice. Continue reading to learn what others have asked in the past and how I can help you begin to move without pain!

Will you laugh at me?

Absolutely not! This common Pilates question was asked if you are a beginner when it comes to Pilates. We all start somewhere and it’s ok if you’ve never done it before. Pilates is a practice and if you’ve done Pilates before and it’s been awhile you’ll find your body remembers a lot. I’ll laugh when you laugh because we’ll have fun together! 

Is Pilates hard?

Yes and no. Pilates is challenging. The exercises I teach you are designed to push you to the next level. Will they be easy? Not so much. Will they be so difficult you can’t do them? Not at all! If you feel like a turtle on its shell that can’t roll over I will find another option for you to achieve the exercise. I’ll help you feel like you’re swimming with the fishes instead of a fish out of water. There are so many ways you can do Pilates and we might get a little creative along the way! That’s the fun part!

Isn’t Pilates for skinny, fit women? 

This is a very common Pilates question. If you google Pilates and look at the images I know you will see many white, skinny women. No matter your size and shape you can do Pilates and I’ll help you. If you’re out of shape and are unsure if you can do an hour session, there are half-hour sessions available! I teach women of all shapes and sizes, color, and men too! That’s right, Pilates is also for men. You can invite your boyfriend or husband to join you too! Once he sees the changes in your body physically and mentally, he’s going be curious. 

What if I can’t do the exercises because of my body? As in my stomach gets in the way or my legs can’t stay close to each other?

You can do a roll up regardless of the size of your stomach. I know it might not seem like it and the truth is everyone’s spine moves the same way. Your roll up looks different from mine or someone else’s and that’s ok. I watch your body move and teach you how to move efficiently and not based on how your body looks. Additionally, props are great for helping you feel muscles that are hard to activate. If your legs roll away from each other, a yoga block or a theraband will be a very helpful tool during your Pilates sessions.

What if I can’t lie on my back for long? 

Pilates can be done standing and sitting!
Pilates can be done standing and sitting!

If you experience back pain and laying down is uncomfortable, we’ll work on standing and sitting first. The exercises I teach you are very versatile and you’re not limited to just being on the floor. Even though many online sessions are mat-based, the exercises include sitting, laying on your stomach, and side. This is also when we’ll use those handy dandy props to help you be more comfortable while moving your body! When you start Pilates you’ll find that props are your friend and eventually you won’t need them as much. They are truly your helping hand during your Pilates practice. 

At an in-person Pilates session we work with the chair which includes standing and sitting (yes we do sit in Pilates!) and the reformer is higher off the ground which makes it easier to lie on and get off. 

What if I’m not flexible? Such as I can’t touch my toes, it’s hard to straighten my legs, or I can’t sit cross-legged on the floor?

There are props and common household items you can use to help during Pilates.
There are props and common household items you can use to help during Pilates.

I’m asked this common Pilates question often! Your flexibility improves as you do Pilates. Start doing Pilates today begin to feel more flexible! When Cristina came to me she couldn’t sit on the floor for very long to play with her sons because her hips would hurt too much. She was also feeling pain in her back when standing and wasn’t as able to bend over. Now she’s surprised her kids while playing monkey in the middle because she bends over and has more agility! They even said, “Oh no, Mom’s been doing her Pilates!” In order to be more flexible, you need to move. After 10 sessions you’ll really start to feel a difference in your body! 

How much does a session cost? 

First, I want you to answer this question: How much do you value your life and your family? Do you want to have a long and healthy life? Do you want to keep doing your current activities without pain? Are you frustrated that you can’t play with your kids for long periods of time? Do you want to enjoy hikes in nature without having to take breaks? Because like Mastercard says, those moments and experiences are priceless. 

Sign up for a session today. If you have any other questions or concerns, comment below! I hope this post helped answer your common Pilates questions!

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