How to Relieve Pain from Knit and Crochet

Do you find yourself sitting for long periods while knitting or crocheting? The urge to say one more row is real and sometimes it’s hard to stop even if your body says it needs a break. Knit and crochet are so relaxing for the mind and the body and can have the same benefits by taking a break to do these 5 exercises.

For me, crochet and knit is an outlet to be creative. It allows me to have something to focus on so the thoughts inside my head don’t overcrowd my thinking. It also brings me comfort and joy during the winter months when living in the north during the cold and harsh winter. Knit and crochet have allowed me to make more friends who are like me regardless of age and job. It allows us to come together and enjoy each other’s company doing something we all love. It gives me the feeling of being welcomed into a group regardless of who I am and able to get to know each other over this common thing.

Before Pilates, I didn’t give much thought to movements to do after knitting or crocheting for long periods of time. It’s easy for me to caught up in the project and to keep going until it’s time to leave the house or go to bed. When my body gave me the signal that something wasn’t right I decided to listen. 

It was when I began a long term project of crocheting 26 animals for my best friend’s baby that I began to feel a twinge in my right shoulder blade and down my arm. These animals were for an animal zoo and while they were very cute, they were teeny tiny! This meant I used a small hook and tended to get really into them (hunching over while working on them).

When I began feeling the twinge in my shoulder and arm I decided to ask for help. Instead of going to a doctor I asked my Pilates instructor. The pain was mild, if it was persistent I would have gone to a doctor. After doing a few exercises specifically for my shoulders and arms and replacing my hook with an ergonomic one, I began to feel relief! My awareness of my body has helped me tremendously continue to practice my craft and have joy in it! Otherwise, I may have stopped crocheting or knitting because of what I was feeling or continue to feel pain and just struggle through it. The pain and twinge went away.

One lesson I learned during this time was to take breaks. The animal didn’t need to be completed in a day and there was no need to rush. Knit and crochet are meant to be relaxing  and I wanted to keep it that way. I also realized how important it was to keep moving throughout my day. Even if I went on a walk during the day, getting up to stretch felt good after long periods of crochet for those teeny tiny cute animals. 

I went to my Pilates teacher for help to continue doing something I love. Pilates helps you continue with your life. It helps you do your life better. I never wanted to stop crocheting or knitting and nor do I want you to stop! This is why I created a video of 5 simple and easy exercises you can do in between periods of sitting to knit or crochet. These exercises can be done standing, sitting, or even laying down! AND they only take 3-5 minutes to do! You’ll feel stretched and elongated and relaxed after you do them.

You can also do these exercises in the morning after waking, traveling in the car, or an airplane for a while, after work, or after a walk. The important thing is to keep moving! Movement is always the best medicine and knowing how to move and want to move will make a difference.

Give these exercises a try and tell me how you feel afterward!

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