Getaway to the Outdoors

The big window gives you the best view inside the cabin.

Like you and everyone else, we stayed inside our home for months when COVID became a pandemic. We love to travel! When we plan our vacations we choose a place we’ve never been. The United States have so many options, let alone our new state of Texas. Mike came across The Getaway House on instagram and the place looked a dream. It was a cabin in the outdoors where we can safely distance from others and the cabin has electricity, heat, AC, and plumbing. So, glamping! 

Last year Mike received a promotion within his company for a global position. At first we thought we might move to Brussels, Belgium. It was a possibility and then we learned it would be Texas. Either way, we were excited for our big move to the big state of Texas! We’re close to downtown Houston which also means a day drive away from San Antonio, Galveston, Waco, and Austin. Oh, the opportunities for travel! 

The first time we went to The Getaway House in the Houston area. We were feeling stir crazy and wanted to get away from our house. It was an hour drive west and the area is secluded with tall pine trees surrounding the cabins. All the pictures we saw show this big window overlooking the bed and the light makes the space warm and inviting! The cabin isn’t big, it’s the perfect size to relax and be inside when you need to be inside. 

One of my favorite things is the kettle and stovetop. We love having a fire outside but with camping, we lit a fire in the mornings to have our coffee. The stovetop makes coffee in the morning easier especially since we enjoy pour over coffee. With a little bit of planning, our cooking was simple and enjoyable. We chose to have sausage and peppers cooked over the fire in our cast iron skillet. We sliced everything before but there is a cutting board and utensils available. Our second meal was an ode to childhood for Mike: stovetop mac and cheese with hot dogs. 

What I love most about the Getaway House is the atmosphere and the ability to unplug for a few days. They even include a cell phone lockbox. It gives you the opportunity to be still, enjoy the sounds of nature, lay in a hammock and swing between the trees. The night is quiet and still and depending on the area you can see the stars. When you truly begin to unplug your mind begins to wonder and opens itself to creative thoughts. We come back with fresh ideas after any camping trip. Sometimes the inspiration is from nature, reading books and magazines, and simply talking with each other. Thoughts come into your mind that are hidden while you’re home doing work, on social media, or watching TV. 

Austin has beautiful sunsets at the Getaway House.

Our trip to the Austin Getaway House was during Christmas time. We wanted to have a special trip since we couldn’t travel to see friends and family. We took Christmas lights to string inside and cooked s’mores over a fire. The weather was chilly for December compared to October and the fire kept us warm all day!

The Getaway house is perfect to unplug, recharge, and relax.

The environment is different in the Austin area with more cactus and stout trees. We drove around on Christmas Day to the town of Wimberly. The small town was closed due to the holiday. I can’t wait to go back to visit the town, especially because they have a yarn shop!

Getaway to Austin, Texas

Also, I would love to visit a cabin in the Northern areas. The big window overlooking a snowy area is the coziest way to be. I could sit inside and knit all day. Then sit by the fire with a warm mug of tea or hot cocoa! 

The Getaway House was our perfect getaway last year. I look forward to going back this year to unplug, refresh, and recharge. It’s one of my ideal vacations. It gives you the opportunity to see more of what’s around you. Would you visit the Getaway House? What appeals to you most about the cabin? 

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