How to Relieve Sinus Pressure

The air is getting colder, the leaves are falling, pumpkin spice lattes are everywhere which means allergy season! Fall is one of my favorite seasons and I love the smell of it, when my sinuses are open. If you have seasonal allergies you know stuffy nose, runny nose, and sinus pressure are no fun.

I’ve been asked by my clients, what can I do to relieve sinus pressure? They were pleasantly surprised with my answer. There are a couple of things and they are easy! My top three recommendations are: toe stretching, foot massages, and face tapping.

Stretch your toes and breathe better!

Everything in our body is connected and stretching your toes helps!

Why am I focusing on your feet and toes when they are far away from your sinuses?

The toes and ball of the foot are reflexes to the upper part of the body, head, eyes, sinuses, neck, and shoulders. In the reflex and acupressure systems, massage has its effect on a distant part of the body. (The Healer Within, Roger Jahnke)

In Pilates, we start with footwork and that tells me if you have tightness in your hips, back, or shoulders. Feet are the gateway to the rest of your body.

Try this stretch for your toes and ankles:

Kneel with your ankles and toes flexed. Slowly sit back on your heels and breathe. Notice how much deeper your inhale is!

If you can’t bend your knee that far or there’s too much pressure on your ankles, place your hands on the floor and sit back as far as you can.

Do this stretch as often as you remember!

Massage your feet to relieve sinus pressure.

Our feet are in shoes most of the day or walking on flat surfaces. Massaging your feet helps loosen them and wake them up. It’s great to wear supportive shoes but we need strong feet to support our bodies!

When I started Pilates I was working in an office and wearing heels all the time. During the first few sessions, my feet would cramp all the time! They were stiff and inflexible.

I was a runner before Pilates and didn’t realize the importance of massaging and strengthening my feet. The more I stretched and loosened my feet, the fewer cramps I had.

I want you to feel the same! Start massaging your feet now. All you need is a wall, yourself, and this video!

Tap your face and head.

Have you ever done acupressure? The needles on your head can help your organs, legs, back, etc! It’s really impressive what our bodies are capable of! We have pressure points in our feet for the rest of our bodies.

One of my favorite ways to release pressure is tapping your face. It helps loosen any tension. It’s like telling each cell in your face to relax or wake up!

Relieve sinus pressure with tapping

The direct benefit is a healthy face and eyes; the indirect benefit includes healthy organs and metabolism. (The Healer Within, Roger Jahnke)

This video is great for relieving sinus pressure, waking up, and jaw tension.

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