“In 10 sessions you’ll feel a difference, in 20 you’ll see a difference, and in 30 you’ll have a whole new body.” – Joseph H. Pilates

   Rachel is a great Pilates teacher. She gives you her full attention. She is ready to modify an exercise to help you not to tense up. She suggests exercises as soon as you express the need to have a better balance for instance. She has an amazing knowledge of her discipline: she can answer any question I ask. It is a big treat to take Pilates classes with her. Sometimes, I will feel a tension, the instructor instantly modifies the exercise with a slight change for instance the hands will not grip the handles but hold instead some little balls. If I relate the slightest discomfort, the teacher is immediately interested: she is learning something about how my body reacts to an exercise and what is going on. If I mention a difficulty I have in daily life, she will nod and a little while later I will have to do an exercise which will help me to deal with the difficulty I alluded to. I am learning so much about how my body functions: it empowers me. I really feel so thankful to my teacher. ~Celiane L.

    I had never taken Pilates before working with Rachel.  Though learning Pilates could have been an intimidating experience, she always made me feel very comfortable and helped me through the moves, especially when I was unsure of myself.  She has a way of teaching that is motivating yet calming.  Through speaking of her own experiences, she makes the student feel at ease and very capable.  Rachel is a great mentor who I would recommend to take you through the journey of Pilates.       ~Jenny Bird

     Starting Pilates was a great experience because I had never done it before nor anything like it. Rachel slowly walked me through the different exercises, names of them, and proper way to perform them to get the most out of it. Through the process I learned a lot about what my body was capable of without pain, struggle, and aching. I hurt my groin muscle playing soccer and after 2 sessions with Rachel I was back to normal. She focused on my needs and what my body could do. After months of Pilates I gained an awareness for my body, became more flexible, lost weight, and learned how to use muscles I’ve never used before.                  ~Alexis Marzullo

    In Pilates, I’m able to do exercises I thought were completely out of reach when I started two years ago. Rachel is a great instructor and personal trainer. In group classes, she encourages everyone, no matter what level, but she also challenges us. I feel I always learn something new in her classes and continue to improve. She is really knowledgeable about Pilates and great explaining the physiology behind each exercise. Plus Rachel’s classes are a lot of fun. Her one-on-one sessions are a good way to go more into depth and understand how to dig even deeper. Even after just a few Reformer sessions, I was really able to notice a difference in my Pilates’ workouts.            ~Petra Kaiser