Pilates Testimonial

I really love it and it’s changed my life! I’ve lost weight and gained better stamina plus sleep. I’ve relieved so much stress. Overall I feel better and like a new person. Plus it’s a lot of fun with Rachel!


Pilates Testimonial

I feel like every week as you go along you get stronger in different ways that you don’t realize.

I used to struggle because of my back. I was pre-tensing thinking it would hurt based on past experiences. You said the anticipation is more than the actual thing, meaning anticipating the pain is much worse.

Ok, so I let go of that thought. And then it didn’t hurt! 


Pilates Testimonial

There were muscles I didn’t know I had. Pilates is a lifelong journey and I’m going to be as patient as possible. Pilates is here for life.”

Christina L.

Pilates and Coffee

Pilates and Coffee:

“This is a great opportunity to build your muscles in a positive environment. Rachel is awesome and the class is excellent!”


Sharyl's experience, Pilates with Rachel

I feel physically and mentally healthy and strong. It’s made a huge difference in my life. Rachel has created an environment for me to feel safe and I trust her with my body plus we laugh a lot!


Cristina Testimonial- Pilates with Rachel

Pilates with Rachel means: relaxation, grounding, and feeling overall amazing.

Before I started Pilates with Rachel I had a hard time sitting on the ground “criss-cross applesauce.” I would work out but I would have to modify everything. Now, I can sit for long periods of time, I can stand forever, and I can dance with my kids to name a few things. I have also noticed that when I do cardio I can go for longer and I get winded a lot less easily. The breathing exercises have helped me a lot! My hips are much looser and I can now sit “criss-cross applesauce” for hours!