Pilates Connection

Have you started a Pilates exercise in class and it just wasn’t making sense to you? You felt like you were doing it wrong because the muscles the instructor mentioned weren’t active or you felt pain instead of muscle engagement. How did your breathing feel: natural or unnatural?

Then all of a sudden the instructor gives you a cue that turns on the light bulb in your head and the movement feels natural and easier but still difficult because of the muscles working. The instructor made a connection with your mind first and then your mind made the connection with your body.

Pilates is about the mind, body, and spirit connection but we have even more connections in addition to the connection of your own body to those three attributes. When coming to a class or private session if you’re not connecting with the instructions then your body is not connecting with your mind. If your mind and body aren’t connecting than they won’t connect with the exercises.

Pilates Connection is about three connections: Pilates and People, Pilates and Pilates, and People and People.

First consider how you connect with people in person and how you make friends and relate to them. Second consider how one Pilates exercise is related to another exercise or how one exercise on the mat feels different compared to on the reformer. Lastly consider how Pilates connects you to other people, instructors, and the outside world into a community.